A plan to expand tech prosperity across America

Reno, September 11-13




Managing Partner Softbank Capital

Esther Dyson



Ronald Fisher

Vishal Makhijani

Executive Founder

Way to Wellville

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BLUEPRINT will bring together the thought leaders and visionaries who are mobilizing to confront two of the most important challenges of our time: the need for American economic development beyond the coasts and the rising cost of business in the tech epicenters.  


By bringing together leaders from technology, business, and government, BLUEPRINT will forge a vision and a plan for the future — for all of America.

2017 Speakers

Ronald Fisher

Managing Partner Softbank Capital


Vishal Makhijani



Esther Dyson

Executive Founder

Way to Wellville

Dino Vendetti

Managing Director

Seven Peaks Ventures

Wendy Lea



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Mike Kazmierski

President & CEO Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada

Will Price

Founder, General Partner
Next Frontier Capital

David Walker

Executive Director

Nevada Museum of Art

Patrick Mckenna


High Ridge Global

John Fillmore

Chief of Business Operations

Chegg Inc.

Brad Feld

Co-Founder & Managing Director

The Foundry Group

Ira Ehren­preis

Founder &

Man­ag­ing Part­ner DBL Part­ners

Nick Smoot


Innovation Collective

Tim Schigel

Founding Partner

Refinery Ventures

Peter Hirshberg

Principal &


Maker City Project

Tim O'Reilly

Founder, Chairman & CEO

O'Reilly Media


We urgently need to reimagine tech’s economic footprint across America.

Companies in high-growth regions such as the San Francisco Bay Area and New York are subject to ever-increasing operating expenses due to the rising costs they and their employees face in such areas. Meanwhile, the last election sent a powerful message that too many Americans are being left behind on the economic opportunity front.  

Now is the time to create a BLUEPRINT, one that builds on existing success stories that have allowed high-growth tech companies to create jobs and expand the wealth beyond the coasts — and optimize profitability by relocating some of their business activities to the heartland. 


  • THE ISSUE: The challenges facing tech companies with unsustainable costs in tech epicenters and communities across America in need of stimulus

  • THE SUCCESS STORIES: Companies who are thriving in this economic transition including the public/private relationships that have fostered their success

  • THE FUTURE: The priorities and solutions for a Blueprint that can be replicated across the country 


  • Confront the economic opportunity gap in the U.S. heartland

  • Secure sustainability and profitability for fast-growing companies

  • Illuminate regional advantages and culture

  • Address workforce underemployment and necessary retraining 



In 2009, Reno had an unemployment rate of 14% and one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. It was, you could say, left for dead. Yet, due to the vision of an intensely committed community, the city has seen a remarkable comeback and now boasts an unemployment rate of 4%, a vacancy rental vacancy rate of 2% and wage growth at 20-50%. Driving this remarkable turn around was a community focus on economic development and importing jobs and opportunity from companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Tesla as well as 170 others that have relocated to Reno. And with this foundation,  tech startups that have taken root in Reno as well. It’s a fitting setting for the inaugural Blueprint event to inspire regions across America.


BLUEPRINT is VentureBeat’s invitation-only event for an audience of 500, including:

  • CEO’s, VC’s, entrepreneurs and senior executives from major U.S. markets who are looking to impact their own bottom line as well as the national conversation.

  • Investors looking to grow their investments beyond the usual suspect hubs of SF, LA, NY, Boston and Seattle.

  • National, state, and local government leaders seeking partnership and economic growth with tech companies

  • Economic development professionals looking for conversation on what could make their region more attractive for technology companies and investors.


A CLOSER LOOK The first day of Blueprint will be devoted to onsite tours of companies in Reno who have realized enormous success and been part of the local economic revival. We’ll be touring the Reno Tahoe industrial park, the largest industrial park in the U.S., and home to the Tesla Giga Factory, Switch Data Center, Zulily and many others.

INNOVATION IN THE HEARTLAND Showcasing innovation and success stories in unlikely areas. Why are they succeeding? How are they operating differently than companies in more traditional innovation hubs? An exploration of the regions, cities, and companies that have proven the viability and of economic development and corporate partnership beyond the coasts in areas around the country.

THE ROI ON PUBLIC/PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS Government and business leaders discuss the lessons they’ve learned about how to foster regional economic development and corporate sustainability.

REINVENTING THE 21ST CENTURY WORKFORCE How automation and AI are impacting the workforce and the kinds of training necessary to ensure a workforce that can both prosper and fulfill the resource needs of 21st-century companies.

BUILDING LOCAL ECOSYSTEMS AND ATTRACTING CAPITAL Leading venture capitalists who are investing in heartland companies discuss their strategies and motivations.

FINDING COMMON GROUND A consensus-driven discussion with industry leaders in business, government, and technology who represent different ideological POVs in order to explore the crucial initiatives and goals we can all agree on.

THE ROLE OF CULTURE IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Writers, musicians, celebrity chefs, and artists weigh in on the economic and social trends that led them to move from big cities to smaller markets. 

2017 Topics



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