August 1st-3rd, 2016

Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

The Platform Awakens

GamesBeat 2016


Niantic Inc.



Jason Rubin

Head of Content, 


John Hanke

David Haddad


Warner Bros. Interactive 

Mobile has become ascendant as the largest game platform, with more than a billion users. But there are new platforms coming in the console market (hi, Nintendo) as well as virtual reality and augmented reality. The mobile, console, and PC platforms will see new innovations in game technology this year, and we’ll be talking about all of them. 

GamesBeat 2017 Speakers & Agenda to be announced soon!

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GamesBeat 2016 brings together top execs, investors, analysts, and entrepreneurs from the hottest companies to explore the gaming industry’s latest trends, growth opportunities, technical directions, and newest monetization opportunities.

Justin Manfredi, Activision

Gio Hunt

EVP, Corporate Operations

Blizzard Ent.


Roy Taylor

Corporate VP


Rich Wong, Accel Partners
Rich Wong, Accel Partners

Marco DeMiroz

Co-Founder & General Partner

The VR Fund

Chris Heatherly

SVP/GM, Disney Mobile Games

Walt Disney Co.

Justin Manfredi, Activision

Dean Takahashi

Lead Writer


Sylvio Drouin


Unity Labs

Justin Manfredi, Activision
Justin Manfredi, Activision
Justin Manfredi, Activision

Christina Heller


VR Playhouse

Justin Manfredi, Activision
Justin Manfredi, Activision

2016 Speakers

Jamil Moledina

Games Strategic Lead

Google Play

Justin Manfredi, Activision
Rich Wong, Accel Partners
Justin Manfredi, Activision

Peter Moore


Electronic Arts

Justin Manfredi, Activision
Justin Manfredi, Activision

Tammy Levy

Dir. of Product, Mobile


Michael Pachter

Managing Director

Wedbush Securities

Niccolo Maisto

Co-Founder, CEO


Justin Manfredi, Activision

Kent Wakeford



Zvi Greenstein

General Manager


Tom Kalinske



Justin Manfredi, Activision

Peter Levin


Lionsgate Interactive

Lee Jones

Dir. Global App Ads


Jules Urbach



Justin Manfredi, Activision

and more...

The First wave of VR and the next one

How VR will change entertainment

How Hollywood, VR, and games can come together 

AR/VR beyond games 

Monetizing VR

Making augmented reality games

VR now!

2016 Mind the Gap: Expectations vs. reality on virtual reality adoption

What works and what doesn’t in virtual reality games

Shaping the Daydream games portfolio

The real opportunities in virtual reality 

The next generation of eSports

An analyst’s view of gaming’s future

Crafting the perfect game platform

How marketing can open up creative and game design possibilities

Why Warner sees games as a key business pillar

Catering to gaming’s super fans

How influencers are changing game marketing

Balancing monetization and engagement

The opportunities in eSports

How to do a publishing deal

How to revitalize your IP

Creativity: What’s diversity got to do with it?

Riding the Pokémon Go rocket

Tepid, hot, or just right? The state of gaming investments

Lightning Rounds: Lessons for Game Developers

Changing the way you do business

How to make eSports more mainstream

Making games accessible — The Blizzard way

Going East or Going West

Riot North America on building an ecosystem: Community, partnerships, and a lasting sport

Gaming’s past and future

2016 Agenda Topics


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