San Francisco | August 21 & 22, 2018

Join the thought leaders

Tuesday & Wednesday,  August 21 & 22



— How to navigate the big trends of cloud, big data and AI to get a leap in your marketing organization today.

— Marketers have discovered direct access to customers; now they need to leverage insights to price, package, position and build products based on preferences.

— What’s your social strategy, now that AI has improved personalization?

— How Gen Z Millennials are changing the game with their $44 billion in buying power, and new approaches to social consciousness and value.

— How to interact with consumers that rely less on mobile, and more on voice and audio.

— How humans are still making a difference, even as AI changes the game: Supercharge your organization by hiring the right people that can harness what AI, data and personalization offer.

Breakout Sessions:

From acquisition to engagement – the complete picture 

How brands are using AI to lower user acquisition costs through automated campaigns while boosting engagement and retention to drive real growth.

Artificial Intelligence in Performance Marketing

Leading performance marketing executives will detail how to create machine learning models and platforms for personalized ads on Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as optimized keywords for SEM.

Methodology & algorithms: A key to successful AI implementation

For great implementation of AI, various stages of implementation are important: defining market impact, recognizing dependencies and risks, productization, and more. But one that is under-appreciated, but arguably most important, is a company's approach to methodology and algorithms. Several AI executives discuss real cases of how algorithms and methodology made all the difference, including how the right team was critical for this too.

How to build an engaging consumer app in 2018

Many considered 2017 the year the app buzz finally died. But smart brands are using AI to increase engagement on their apps with nuanced optimization including clever use of notifications and badging among other things. Join AI execs in a candid discussion about how they are doing it.

Breakouts currently under development on the following subjects:

AI Track

— Building your AI team

— Human in the loop/iteration

— How to engage in a voice-driven world

Retail Track

— Delivering mobile customer engagement

— Data and analytics strategies for retailers

— Intelligent marketing automation strategies for retail


Mastering the Millennial Track

— Disruption through video 

— App monetization 

— Rethinking commerce

— Understanding the customer journey

— The holy grail of one-to-one marketing: Profiling

Other Verticals Tracks

— Travel

— Fintech

— Games

— Consumer Services



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