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TRANSFORM (formerly known as MobileBeat) is an intimate gathering bringing together director-and-above execs from the most innovative brands .


Expect to hear inspiring yet practical stories about implementing AI tech and strategies. It's about driving real results.

Private Company/Start-Up Founder or CEO


Chief Experience Officer

Director of Marketing

SVP, Strategy & Brand

Chief Digital Officer

Director, Digital Strategy

Director, Digital Innovation

VP, Marketing

Chief Innovation Officer

Chief Information Officer

Director, Data-Driven Marketing

Director, Marketing Data Integration

Director, Marketing Data & Analytics

Director, Growth Strategy & Marketing

Real-time takeaways

-Stories about real business results companies are getting right now

-Latest strategies that will help you get an edge on your competitors, all designed to engage and convert users

-Top technologies and trends around AI and data

-Practical lessons to take with you and implement into your AI agenda

Who attends?

Transform is intended for executives, director level and above, who are intent on using data and AI for significant growth: whether they hold titles in marketing, product management, or growth engineering. 

Attendee titles include:

Director, Monetization

Director, User Acquisition

Growth Manager

Director, Growth

Director, Growth Engineering

Director, Data Science

Director, Data Engineering

Chief Analytics Officer

Director of Data

VP, Customer Data & Analytics

Chief Product Officer

Product Marketing Manager

Product Manager

Head of Product


  • How to navigate the big trends of cloud, big data and AI to get a leap in your marketing organization today.
  • Marketers have discovered direct access to customers; now they need to leverage insights to price, package, position and build products based on preferences.
  • What’s your social strategy, now that AI has improved personalization?
  • How Gen Z Millennials are changing the game with their $44 billion in buying power, and new approaches to social consciousness and value.
  • How to interact with consumers that rely less on mobile, and more on voice and audio.
  • How humans are still making a difference, even as AI changes the game: Supercharge your organization by hiring the right people that can harness what AI, data and personalization offer.

Breakout Panels:

From Acquisition to Engagement – The Complete Picture

How brands are using AI to lower user acquisition costs through automated campaigns while boosting engagement and retention to drive real growth.

Artificial Intelligence in Performance Marketing

Leading performance marketing executives will detail how to create machine learning models and platforms for personalized ads on Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as optimized keywords for SEM.

Building your AI team - How to create an implementation engine (& avoid death by a thousand customizations)

For great implementation of AI, various stages of implementation are important: defining market impact, deciding on algorithms/methods, recognizing dependencies and risks, productization, and more. Because of the complexity, implementations are highly customized. Several AI executives discuss how long-term success will come with scores if not hundreds of AI projects, and that means creating templates for implementation, and not constantly reinventing the wheel. The market so far doesn't have a tech solution for this, so these executives explain how they're dealing in the interim.

How to Build an Engaging Consumer App in 2018

Many considered 2017 the year the app buzz finally died. But smart brands are using AI to increase engagement on their apps with nuanced optimization including clever use of notifications and badging among other things. Join AI execs in a candid discussion about how they are doing it.

How to Engage in a Voice-Driven World

Today’s consumer expects voice-enabled everything and their behaviors are shifting right along with that. This voice-everywhere world is going to force organizations of all sizes to re-think where and how voice is used in their customer service. Brand executives discuss the challenges and benefits of voice user interfaces for marketers.

Disruption Through Video

Online commerce is more competitive than ever, with millennials expecting to buy online, and often relying on mobile video to educate themselves before making a purchase. And Millennial attention spans are shorter, too. Learn how top retail execs are successfully using video to not only engage with, and win over, the customer, but to close the sale as well.

Data & Analytics for Retailers

Retail executives share how to create an agile, comprehensive data strategy to analyze everything from driving loyalty programs and dynamic pricing, to using customer behavior analytics to increase revenue with a focus on the end-to-end aspect of implementing successful strategies across a global supply chain.

When AI is too Powerful or Life-like. How and When to Disclose.

Increasingly, the awkward, eerie versions of AI of the past are giving way to machine experiences that truly resemble human intelligence. Google’s Duplex went so far that Google was forced to make sure that its assistant caller discloses it is a machine, to avoid deceiving humans on the other end. The growing power of machine learning algorithms to rewrite reality is changing the marketing game. What are the implications of a world awash with AI-created content and remarkably lifelike AI-powered assistants?

Chat Bots / Conversational Commerce

Consumers rely on messaging apps to find, select and pay for products without having to email, call or interact with the company at all. Everything is happening within the messaging app. People and businesses use Messenger to send over 8 billion messages each month. FB’s Messenger has more than 300,000 chatbots, and that’s just one channel. Learn how to include bots in your digital marketing strategy and increase engagement to drive growth.

GDPR and Privacy: PITA, or Refreshing Restart?

A series of big events have caused a revisit ethics and privacy practices. Facebook’s data sharing scandal, European rules and standards related to privacy and data protection (GDPR) and even Apple’s crackdown on Safari and device ID tracking, have set in motion has created a mad compliance and security scramble. Learn from executives at brands who have moved forward without a hitch, and see all of this as a refreshing opportunity to engage deeply, and win buy-in, from engaged customers.

Intelligent Marketing Automation for Retail and Commerce

Marketing automation revolutionized retail growth strategies two years ago. But with the advent of big data and AI, marketing automation is getting even smarter: From improved customer engagement, optimization of costs, to more meaningful customer relationships, learn how you can use marketing automation to your advantage.

Understanding the Customer Journey

By 2022, approximately 65 percent of all customer service interactions will be digital or text-based versus phone, according to Gartner. Today’s consumer is more demanding and much less brand-loyal than they once were. CX is a competitive differentiator and smart companies are making sweeping changes to keep up with ongoing demands.

Holy Grail of One-to-One Marketing – Profiling

Customer profiling provides the tools to fully understand your customer base, improve customer engagement and target similar prospects. Hear how execs are using customer analysis to drive growth.

AI/Human Interaction & the Customer Experience

By 2020, some 85 percent of customer relationships will take place without human interaction, according to Gartner. But the blended approach, one that combines man and machine is the secret sauce for many marketers. Learn how these execs have used humans to train AIs to provide better responses by leveraging data.

Affective Computing/Emotion AI

Emotion AI uses computer vision to gather data from faces, voices and body language to detect moods and measure human emotion. Beyond enhancing robotics, vehicles and personal devices, emotion AI can be applied in customer experience initiatives, such as VoC (voice of the consumer) programs. Hear from brands who are experimenting with enhancing VoC programs with emotion AI.

Voice is the new OS: Are you ready? 

Smart speaker adoption has skyrocketed this year, as AI improves the usefulness of products like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and even independent NLP-driven bot services. Adoption is faster than the even the smartphone boom. More than 90 million Americans will use a voice-assistant on any device this year. It allows brands to distribute new kinds of content, enhance personalization, improve speed, yield more insights and increase retention. Hear from experts how they’re changing their marketing to embrace the age of voice.

Using Computer Vision to Elevate your Marketing Efforts

With the number of cameras -- in-device and standalone -- expected to rise by 220% in the next five years (according to LDV Capital), computer vision is gaining momentum fast and offers cutting-edge opportunities for marketers looking to up their game.

Product Management & Product Development

Product leaders need to build products with AI that keep them ahead of the competition, but it means fundamentally changing the way product development has been done until now. It’s not just wireframing, building and releasing. AI-driven product development is fundamentally changing business models. Product experts discuss the choices product leaders need to make, and not make, to ensure their teams and resources are focused on what's most important.

Mastering the Art of Product Recommendations

While Amazon may be the Godfather of product recommendations, these days nearly every online store utilizes some kind of product recommendation engine, and AI is one of the key drivers. It starts with tracking attributes of products, and flows to tracking which users like which products. Hear how smart brand experts are mastering the art of product recommendations to significantly boost revenues, click-throughs, and conversions.

We are looking to put a spotlight on companies busting down barriers with AI and showing demonstrable advances through innovative AI technologies.  

We will feature 6 companies in each of the following categories:

  • Brands with traction
  • Service providers
  • New cool consumer-facing AI technology companies

If this sounds like you, let us know.  If selected you will get five minutes on stage to demonstrate how you are at the forefront of the AI wave. Apply here.

Want to be on stage at Transform?

Mike Curtis

VP of Engineering


Japjit Tulsi

VP of Engineering


2017 Speakers

Adam Medros

SVP, Global Product


Òscar Celma

Director of Research


Deep Varma

VP, Data Engineering


Nikhil Raghavan

VP, Product for Search & Machine Learning


Swami Sivasubramanian

VP of AI


Stan Chudnovsky

Head of Product

for Messaging


Titania Jordan

Chief Product Officer


Jeremy Wacksman


Zillow Group

Geeta Wilson

VP, Customer Experience


Justin Hughes

VP of Product

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This year, TRANSFORM will be held at The Seminary at Strawberry. The picturesque property is located approximately 10 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge and offers an intimate setting with amazing views!

Mill Valley, California

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