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Gamechanging AI and blockchain technologies

VB Summit 2018

Berkeley, October 23 & 24

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 VB Summit is Silicon Valley’s most intimate invitation-only executive event, focusing this year on how execs are using a powerful form of AI & Blockchain and how it is disrupting  the technology landscape across the globe.

VB Summit is where senior product, brand, innovation and marketing execs (VP+) from across industries openly learn, share and debate in frank conversations. And it's where execs learn what this changing landscape means for their business.

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Themes and Topics


VB Summit 2018 will be at the Claremont Hotel & Resort in Berkeley, just a 20-minute drive from downtown San Francisco. The Claremont is one of America’s iconic luxury hotels, overlooking San Francisco Bay. Its close proximity to San Francisco offers out-of-town guests excellent access to all the city offers for leisure or business, but is just far enough away from downtown to provide a perfect retreat setting. 

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Case-studies: Come hear ways leading companies in various sectors — from fintech, to commerce, health, travel, retail, insurance and consumer services —are transforming their business with AI.

The AI applications: Stay up with all of the ways AI is transforming business, from voice-sound recognition, to text language detection, sentiment analysis, image recognition, commerce recommendations, fraud detection, video detection, price optimization, web design, social semantics, search, supply chain optimization, content curation, ad targeting, sales forecasting, and more.

The AI software leaders: Which software platforms will you bet your strategy dollars on? AI has spawned exciting large platforms for deep learning, including IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. There are the applications on top, and there’s the big iron on the bottom. Learn what to look for to parse the game-changers from the also-rans.

Commerce: Learn how AI is transforming the commerce industry, from attracting, to engaging, predicting and converting.

Marketing: The key AI trends and technologies brands will want to stay abreast of to maintain digital marketing leadership.

Customer service: AI lets companies recognize customer problems and identify patterns by analyzing data much more quickly, and automating human functions to become more efficient. How much opportunity and success can be achieved this way, and what are the great case studies so far?

Operationalizing: How do you make the AI magic happen, from defining your problem, to collecting your data, forming algorithms and training your model, and then executing with a human in (or not in) the middle?

Corporate transformation: Machine learning is driving changes at all different levels, from tasks, to business processes (changing productivity), and business models.

AI & Design: Is AI the future of UX, now that interacting with intelligent software and devices — be it at home, work, in the car, or on the go — becomes more natural, intuitive and intelligent?

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