Berkeley, October 23 & 24

VB Summit 2017

VB Summit 2017 Agenda

Monday, October 23, 2017

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

1:00 PM


3:00 PM

Opening Keynote "The ROI of Applied AI" - Matt Marshall, CEO, VentureBeat

3:10 PM

Keynote: "The future of AI is here" with Jeff Dean, Senior Fellow, Google


3:30 PM

Fireside chat: "How AI is Changing the Game for An Industry Giant" Jeremy King , CTO Walmart and Rich Wong, General Partner, Accel

3:50 PM

Fireside chat: "AI will drop your customer support by 90%" with Gregg Spratto, VP of Operations at Autodesk; Rob High,  IBM Fellow, VP & CTO of IBM Watson; moderated by Julie Ask, VP Forrester Research

4:10 PM

Networking break

4:25 PM

Fireside chat: "How Indeed uses AI to fuel its massive growth" with Raj Mukherjee, SVP of Product, Indeed

4:45 PM

Fireside chat: "Cisco’s Journey to Predictive Services: Three Lessons from Hollywood" with Rajat Mishra, VP Strategy & Innovation, Cisco Services and Jana Eggers, CEO Nara Logics

5:05 PM

Reception sponsored by Worldpay - General

5:05 PM - Retail/Customer Engagement Roundtable (private)

8:15 AM

Breakfast and registration 

9:15 AM

Opening Comments Day 2 - Matt Marshall, CEO, VentureBeat

9:25 AM

Keynote: "AI and the visual revolution" with Li Fan, Head of Engineering, Pinterest and Matt Marshall, CEO, VentureBeat

9:45 AM

Fireside chat: "How transportation is being transformed by AI" with Chris Messina Head of Product, Stealth Startup and Gil Arditi, Product Lead, Machine Learning Platform, Lyft

10:05 AM

Lightning Rounds: Where is AI causing the most disruption?

-Real Estate - Zillow Chief Analytics Officer, Stan Humphries

-HR - Aubrey Blanche, Head of Diversity, Atlassian

-Life Insurance - Todd Rodgers, CTO , Haven Life

-Imaging - Ramzi Rizk, Founder and CTO, EyeEm

-Car buying Experience - Daniel Gill, CPO, Carvana

Healthcare - Ori Geva, Co-founder & CEO, Medial Early Sign

10:40 AM

Networking Break

10:55 AM

Mainstage Fireside chat: Al Lindsay

VP, Alexa Engine at Amazon with Werner Goertz, Research Director, Gartner

11:15 AM

Boardroom Sessions

-AI Uses in Transportation and Beyond

Facilitator: Adam Kell, partner, Founder Comet Labs

Chair: Milind Naphade, Ph.D., CTO AI Cities at NVIDIA

Chair: Wesley Mukai, CTO, GE Transportation

Chair: Peter Frans Pauwels, Co-Founder of TomTom

-Improving and Automating Customer Engagement with Emotional Language Technology

Facilitator: Susan Etlinger, Industry Analyst

Chair: Ryan Deutsch, SVP Global Customer Success, Persado

Chair:  Talis Lin, Managing Director, The New York Times

Chair:  Oscar Celma, Head of Research, Pandora 

-How AI is Transforming Information Services 

Facilitator: Blair Hanley Frank, Staff Writer, Cloud & AI, VentureBeat 

Chair:  Dr. Sameena Shah, Director of Research, Thomson Reuters

Chair:  Ted Merz, Global Head of News Applications, Bloomberg

Chair:  Kenny Long, Analytics Lead, Pocket

-AI Advances in Process Automation Yield Big Efficiency Gains

Facilitator: Khari Johnson, Reporter, VentureBeat

Chair: Ron Hirson, Chief Product Officer, DocuSign

Chair:  Rohit Adlakha VP/Global Head of Automation, Wipro 

Chair:  Motti Finkelstein, CTO Americas and Global Strategy Planning , Citi 

-Customer Service Moves to the Next Level with AI

Facilitator: Lili Cheng, Corporate VP AI & Research

Chair: Japjit Tulsi, VP Engineering, eBay

Chair: Mitchell Mason, Offering Manager, IBM Watson

Chair:  Lauren Kunze, CEO, Pandorabots, Inc.

Chair:  Jim Blomo, Director of Engineering, Yelp

-Changing the Game in Advertising and Marketing with AI and Machine Learning

Facilitator: John Koetsier, Journalist, Analyst, Futurist, Dreamer, Tune 

Chair: Guillaume Lelait, US Managing Director, Fetch

Chair: Massimo Portincaso, Partner & Managing Director, BCG

Chair: Ophir Tanz, CEO Gum Gum

12:15 PM


1:15 PM

Boardroom session report outs - 3 minutes per session

1:35 PM

Fireside chat:  "Managing a machine-learning team at scale", Deepak Agarwal, VP of AI, LinkedIn and Matt Marshall, CEO VentureBeat

1:55 PM

Innovation Showcase:  Top 5 Most Promising AI Technologies. 

Product Launches & News TBA

- Amplero

- Clari

- Conversica

- Datorama

- Persado

2:25 PM

Expert Panel Discussion on Future of AI and New Technologies 

2:45 PM

Closing Comments Matt Marshall, CEO, VentureBeat

3:00 PM

VB Summit party