April 23 - 24, Two Bit Circus, Los Angeles

Building Gaming Communities


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Theme: Building Gaming Communities

Our flagship industry event attracts the hottest game developers and publishers, as well as industry CEOs, executives, marketers, and venture capitalists.

This is a director-level and above event limited to only 350 attendees.  This allows for intimate conversations and deal-making, which is unique to the gaming event industry.

In addition to crowd-pleasing main stage and breakout sessions, the Summit offers group lunches, cocktail parties, and new immersive play experiences and contests for all to participate in.

Our VIP pass also includes additional networking access to a VIP-only lounge, VIP lunch, and more.

This year's theme is Building Gaming Communities. Strong communities can help boost the staying power and hit status of games, as loyal fans keep coming back and spread word-of-mouth goodness about games in an authentic way. But it's no secret that communities can be a double-edged sword, especially when it comes to topics like hazing, harassment, and rebellions against monetization tactics.

This year, we will focus on the rise of virtual reality and augmented reality communities; exclusive and high-end game communities; esports communities; divided communities; massively multiplayer online worlds; the convergence of sci-fi, tech, and games; game jams; the future of game technology; monetization; the rise of influencers; and the oncoming changes from blockchain and cryptocurrency.

2019 Speakers

Vince Zampella

Respawn Entertainment

Chris Taylor

Game Designer