April 23 - 24, Two Bit Circus, Los Angeles

Featured Speakers

Chris DeWolfe


Jam City

Mike Sepso

Chairman, Electronic Sports Group, Investor & Strategic Advisor, New York Excelsior

The "must attend" games event of the year

Unparalleled Networking

Director-level and above only

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Theme: Building Gaming Communities

Our flagship industry event attracts the hottest game developers and publishers, as well as industry CEOs, executives, marketers, and venture capitalists.

This is a director-level and above event limited to only 350 attendees.  This allows for intimate conversations and deal-making, which is unique to the gaming event industry.

In addition to crowd-pleasing main stage and breakout sessions, the Summit offers group lunches, cocktail parties, and new immersive play experiences and contests for all to participate in.

Our VIP pass also includes additional networking access to a VIP-only lounge, VIP lunch, and more.

This year's theme is Building Gaming Communities. Strong communities can help boost the staying power and hit status of games, as loyal fans keep coming back and spread word-of-mouth goodness about games in an authentic way. But it's no secret that communities can be a double-edged sword, especially when it comes to topics like hazing, harassment, and rebellions against monetization tactics.

This year, we will focus on the rise of virtual reality and augmented reality communities; exclusive and high-end game communities; esports communities; divided communities; massively multiplayer online worlds; the convergence of sci-fi, tech, and games; game jams; the future of game technology; monetization; the rise of influencers; and the oncoming changes from blockchain and cryptocurrency.

2019 Speakers

Chris DeWolfe


Jam City

Mike Sepso

Chairman, Electronic Sports Group, Investor & Strategic Advisor, New York Excelsior

Previous speakers

Brian Fargo


Interplay & inXile Entertainment

John Hanke

CEO, Niantic and creator of Pokemon Go

Jade Raymond

SVP & Group General Manager, Electronic Arts

Janina Gavankar


Star Wars Battlefront II

Philip Rosedale

Founder & CEO

High Fidelity

Andrea Rene

On camera host, producer, writer

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What past attendees say

I’m just astounded by the line-up. If you go somewhere like E3, they might have a similar line-up but you have to fight tooth and nail just to have a chance to speak with them.”

“People who attend [GamesBeat] are serious about being here because they know the quality.”

The unique thing about GamesBeat is the great content. And at the same time, you have decision-makers, pretty senior folks, and [you] see old friends and meet new people in the industry that can actually move your business forward.”

“I have to be very selective when I go to a games event. And the events done by VentureBeat and Dean are the best. I don’t want to mention names [of other events], but most of them are not curated, they’re not attended by C-level guys.”

“The best thing about GamesBeat is that everyone’s engaged in [the sessions] but the lobby networking is unparalleled. We’ve had some of the greatest of the greats in the games industry just chatting and bumping into each other — which is frankly why you come.”

Location:   Two Bit Circus's First Micro-Amusement Park

Located in the up-and-coming Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, Two Bit Circus is a 40,000 square-foot games-meets-Ready Player One virtual reality playground.  

Play elbow to elbow with your peers in an ever-changing landscape of immersive entertainment including multi-person virtual reality, narrative-based escape/story rooms, indie arcades, and more. 

William Grosso, Scientific Revenue

Jim Ying,   Digital Entertainment, CVC Capital

Perrin Kaplan, Zebra Partners

Sibel Sunar, Fortyseven

James Zhang, Concept Art House

Brandon Sheffield, Necrosoft Games

Joe Minton, DDM 

Peter Levin, Interactive Games & Ventures, Lionsgate

Michael Metzger, Drake Star Partners

Mike Vorhaus, Vorhaus Advisors

Michael Chang, NCSoft 

Michael Condrey, Sledgehammer Games

Beth Schulte, Capital Research

GamesBeat Summit 2019 Advisory Board

Renowned gaming journalist Dean Takahashi is the host of this year's GamesBeat Summit 2019.

Join Dean and the advisory board at this year's intimate executive-only event (director-level and above).


Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat 

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