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Mill Valley, April 9 & 10, 2018

GamesBeat Summit 2018

Featured Speakers

Andrea Rene


Star Wars

Battlefront II

Janina Gavankar

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Get a huge business advantage by seeing the future of games before it happens.

GamesBeat Summit hosts the hottest game developers and publishers to discuss with peers and business execs their insights on the future of games. 

GamesBeat Summit 2018 is the destination conference for networking, inspiration, and industry insight. With the right people in the room to make great deals happen, our flagship industry event attracts the hottest game developers and publishers, as well as industry CEOs, executives, marketers, and venture capitalists.

2018 Speakers

Janina Gavankar


Star Wars Battlefront II

Joost van Dreunen


Superdata Research

Adam Sessler



Rebecca Heineman


Olde Skuul

GamesBeat Summit 2018 will show you the edge and the strategies that will succeed in the future. We'll touch on the parts of gaming that are driving excitement, growth, and new startups — including augmented reality, virtual reality, esports, mobile games, PC and console games, indies, and new game technologies.

  • Intersection of sci-fi, games and tech
  • Platforms: Where to place your bets? AR, VR, & more
  • Creating a culture of inspiration and creativity
  • Emerging markets for games
  • Monetization: How to acquire and retain users
  • Esports and building the community
  • Deals: Follow the money
  • Diversity and the expanding ecosystem
  • Early Access as a business model
  • How mods can launch new game genres

2018 Topics

What past attendees say

“People who attend [GamesBeat] are serious about being here because

they know the quality.”

The unique thing about GamesBeat is the great content. And at the same time, you have decision makers, pretty senior folks together and [you] see old friends and meet new people in the industry that can actually move your business forward.”

I’m just astounded by the line-up. If you go somewhere like E3, they might have a similar line-up but you have to fight tooth and nail just to have a chance to speak with them.”

“I have to be very selective when I go to a games event. And the events done by VentureBeat and Dean are the best. I don’t want to mention names [of other events], but most of them are not curated, they’re not attended by C-level guys.”

“The best thing about GamesBeat is that everyone’s engaged in [the sessions] but the lobby networking is unparalleled. We’ve had some of the greatest of the greats in the games industry just chatting and bumping into each other — which is frankly why you come.”

GamesBeat Summit 2018 will be at the Seminary at Strawberry in Mill Valley located just a 25-minute drive from downtown San Francisco. The Seminary is a 135-acre property overlooking San Francisco Bay. Its close proximity to San Francisco offers out-of-town guests excellent access to all the city offers for leisure or business, but is just far enough away from downtown to provide a perfect retreat setting. 

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Mill Valley, California | The Seminary at Strawberry

 201 Seminary Drive, Mill Valley, CA


Kate Edwards   IGDA

Nicole Lazarro   XEO Design

Nick Beliaeff   Spin Master

Noah Falstein   formerly Google

James Zhang   Concept Art House

Joost van Dreunen   SuperData Research

Nathan Stewart   Wizards of the Coast

Peter Levin   Lionsgate

Ravi Belwal   Samsung

Kate Connally   Google

Michael Metzger   Drake Star Partners

Mihir Shah   Immersv

Zvi Greenstein   Nvidia

Gordon Bellamy   USC

Tom Sanocki   Limitless

Maarten Noyons   IMGA

Sunny Dhillon   Signia Venture Partners

Michael Chang   NCSoft

Adam Orth   First Contact

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