Leveraging AI 

& analytics for growth



2018 Speakers Include...

Tim Jurka

Head of Feed AI - Sr. Engineering Manager


Join the thought leaders

TRANSFORM (formerly known as MobileBeat) is targeted to director-and-above execs from the most innovative brands.


Expect to hear inspiring yet practical stories about implementing AI tech and strategies. It's about driving real results.

-Stories about real business results companies are getting right now

-Latest strategies that will help you get an edge on your competitors, all designed to engage and convert users

-Top technologies and trends around AI and data

-Practical lessons to take with you and implement into your AI agenda

Real-time takeaways

Who attends?

Transform is targeted to executives, director level and above, who are intent on using data and AI for significant growth: whether they hold titles in marketing, product management, or growth engineering. 

Here are some of the positions who will get the most out of the event:

Private Company/Start-Up Founder or CEO


Chief Experience Officer

Director of Marketing

SVP, Strategy & Brand

Chief Digital Officer

Director, Digital Strategy

Director, Digital Innovation

VP, Marketing

Chief Innovation Officer

Chief Information Officer

Director, Data-Driven Marketing

Director, Marketing Data Integration

Director, Marketing Data & Analytics

Director, Growth Strategy & Marketing

Director, Monetization

Director, User Acquisition

Growth Manager

Director, Growth

Director, Growth Engineering

Director, Data Science

Director, Data Engineering

Chief Analytics Officer

Director of Data

VP, Customer Data & Analytics

Chief Product Officer

Product Marketing Manager

Product Manager

Head of Product


  • How to navigate the big trends of cloud, big data and AI to get a leap in your marketing organization today.
  • Marketers have discovered direct access to customers; now they need to leverage insights to price, package, position and build products based on preferences.
  • What’s your social strategy, now that AI has improved personalization?
  • How Gen Z Millennials are changing the game with their $44 billion in buying power, and new approaches to social consciousness and value.
  • How to interact with consumers that rely less on mobile, and more on voice and audio.
  • How humans are still making a difference, even as AI changes the game: Supercharge your organization by hiring the right people that can harness what AI, data and personalization offer.

We are looking to put a spotlight on companies busting down barriers with AI and showing demonstrable advances through innovative AI technologies.  

We will feature companies in each of the following categories:

  • Brands with traction
  • Service providers
  • New cool consumer-facing AI technology companies

If this sounds like you, let us know.  If selected you will get five minutes on stage to demonstrate how you are at the forefront of the AI wave. Apply here.

Want to be on stage at Transform?

Stay tuned for more on TRANSFORM 2018!

This year, TRANSFORM will be held at The Seminary at Strawberry. The picturesque property is located approximately 10 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge and offers an intimate setting with amazing views!

Mill Valley, California


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