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VB Summit is Silicon Valley’s most intimate invitation-only executive event about AI. It focuses this year on how successful companies are achieving breakthrough results with deep learning and ML.

VB Summit is where senior product, brand, innovation and marketing execs (VP+) from across industries openly learn, share and debate in frank conversations. And it's where execs learn what this changing landscape means for their business.

2018 Speakers

Inhi Cho Suh

General Manager, Customer Engagement

IBM Watson

2017 Speakers

Jeff Dean

Senior Fellow


Al Lindsay

Vice President

Alexa Engine at Amazon

Li Fan

Head, Engineering


Jeremy King



Dr. Sameena Shah

Director of Research

Thomson Reuters

Ron Hirson



Oscar Celma

Director of Research


Lili Cheng

CVP, AI & Research


Deepak Agarwal

VP, Engineering, Head of AI


Jim Blomo

Director, Engineering


Japjit Tulsi

VP, Engineering


Gil Arditi

Head, Machine Learning Platform


Lauren Kunze



Nate Sandford

VP, Client Success


Julie Ask

VP & Principal Analyst


Kurt Leafstrand

VP, Products


Rich Wong



Ophir Tanz



Jana Eggers


Nara Logics, Inc.

Rajat Mishra

VP, Strategy & Innovation

Cisco Services

2018 Themes and Topics

Join your peers at VB Summit as we look at how execs are using AI to disrupt their businesses from two distinct viewpoints: The ”front end," where companies are leveraging a range of applications to achieve business growth from more efficiently attracting and engaging their customers, and the "back end," where AI is being used for things like supply-chain optimization, and office productivity, drug discovery and more.

See the topics below we’ll cover in our general session and intimate executive roundtables.

Front end: AI for Digital Customer Engagement

AI & Design

How AI will be the future of UX, now that interacting with intelligent software and devices -be it at home, work, in the car, or on the go -becomes more natural, intuitive and intelligent.

AI's impact on product development

The legacy approach to product development doesn't hold when developing AI solutions. The role of a product manager is changing; It's one thing to draw up a wireframe for a mobile app; it's another to build a predictive AI system.

Next Level Personalization

How to use AI and machine learning to supercharge personalization and push customer engagement to new heights.

Intelligent marketing automation for retail and commerce

Marketing automation revolutionized retail growth strategies two years ago. But with the advent of big data and AI, marketing automation is getting even smarter: From improved customer engagement, optimization of costs, to more meaningful customer relationships, learn how you can use marketing automation to your advantage.

Understanding the Customer Journey

By 2022, approximately 65 percent of all customer service interactions will be digital or text-based versus phone, according to Gartner. Today’s consumer is more demanding and much less brand-loyal than they once were. CX is a competitive differentiator and smart companies are making sweeping changes to keep up with ongoing demands.

Back end: AI for supply chain and office productivity

Corporate transformation-The Complete Picture

Machine learning is driving changes at all different levels, from tasks, to business processes to marketing, sales forecasting, and even entire business models. How does the C-Suite stay out in front?

The Build or Buy Conundrum

Do you start a third-party technology solution or hire a bunch of very expensive people (if you can find them!) to develop your AI solutions? There's no answer that doesn't require a lot of AI experts, and no such thing as free. Here's how some smart brands figured it out.

Data Security

AI/Machine learning has actually been used in cybersecurity for a long time, but with the increasingly vast amounts of data, we can leverage what machines are best at, and what humans are best at, to more efficiently apply existing resources and achieve better security results.

Mastering Deployment

We will showcase the best examples we can find of how to make the AI magic happen, from defining the problem, to collecting data, forming algorithms, and then executing with a human in the middle (or not).

The virtual assistant -- new era of worker productivity through AI augmentation

The virtual assistant has entered the organization as a central and powerful way for workers to interact with technology. Having a voice interactive robot or assistant to help answer any of your questions on the fly -- from how much revenue you made in the last quarter, to what are the GPS coordinates of your next parts shipment -- can transform the way we do business. How are companies making decisions on what conversational backends to optimize for (do they integrate with all of Alexa, Google Home, Cortana, and other platforms, and thus becoming more open and modular)?

Supply chain and inventory management

AI is optimizing the supply chain. Industrial sensors, blockchain verification, overcoming hurdles for streaming data are all areas ripe with innovation.

Mill Valley, California


VB Summit 2018 will be held at The Seminary at Strawberry. The picturesque property is located approximately 10 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge and offers an intimate setting with amazing views!

Stay tuned for more on VB Summit 2018!

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